A Minority-Owned Company

About Us

E. Luis Campano, President

I was four years old when my parents, Emilio and Norma Campano, left Cuba in 1968 with their three children and the clothes they were wearing. They did not know what to expect but were headed to the land of promise and freedom.

Fleeing from the Communist regime and leaving their beloved country, they looked to a place where hard work and perseverance would be rewarded. They had seen many American companies come to Cuba and flourish and wanted to be part of the American dream. My story is a product of their sacrifice, hard work and values. My parents taught me that in the United States ingenuity, integrity, hard work and determination were often rewarded with economic success and stability.  With that pedigree, I worked diligently and received my Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Florida Southern College, a private college in Lakeland Florida who is renowned for its Frank Lloyd Wright collection of buildings and liberal arts education.

Having worked in retail throughout my college years both as an employee and in management, I learned from real life what it meant to provide quality products and service to the public and in 1987 I came to work with John J. Jerue and the Jerue Companies. Mr. Jerue and I worked diligently until 1990, when in an effort to provide for business succession and a synergistic work environment, John and his son, Jeff Jerue, merged their successful companies together and began the next chapter of the Jerue story.  From then until now, Jerue has become one of the premier logistics providers in the United States. My responsibilities have continued to expand from Accounting and Finance into operations and I have lead various greenfield initiatives for our companies which has included founding De Novo companies, partnerships and leading mergers and acquisitions for our firm. The experience has proven to be invaluable and I am extremely grateful to the Jerues for entrusting me with these responsibilities.

After a twenty-five year working relationship, the Jerues now have afforded me the opportunity to branch out on my own in a new exciting new foray which is Jerue Logistics Solutions, LLC.  With their support and our great team, Jerue Logistics Solutions will strive to provide you, our valued trading partner, an experience based on the core values with which I was raised. We look forward to the privilege of serving you!