A Minority-Owned Company

From the fields...

Jerue Logistics Services transports agricultural products year-round, changing with the season. If you need to ship a crop, we’ll get it there.

...Across the Nation...

Jerue is fully capable of transporting any agricultural crop across the country, thanks to our large network of carriers. If you need a truck, we’ll get it there.

...to your Store.

Jerue works with grocery stores across the nation, delivering and distributing produce products anywhere, anytime. Your business operates 365 days a year, and so do we.

From the packer...

Jerue Logistics Solutions specializes in working with packing houses in order to transport fruit products while they're fresh.

...Across The Country...

Whether it is a full truck load or LTL shipments, Jerue Logistics Solutions covers the continental United States to serve your needs.

...To the Distributor.

Our professional logistics team works together to exceed your expectations from point of origin to the destination.

A minority-owned company,
all the experience and professionalism
of a nationwide provider.

At JLS, our goal is to be the premier provider of supply chain services for the food-service industry. We will serve you with integrity while providing you with innovative transportation solutions that exceed your expectations.

More about Jerue

3PL Services with Jerue

Our staff has more than sixty years of experience working within the food industry. It is that experience and industry specific knowledge that helps us to tailor solutions which are both functional and efficient.

Transportation Services


Communication is integral to delivering a quality service. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through our web portal, load and load related information/source documents are at your fingertips.